• Sixty Years In Self Exile - No Regrets

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No. of Pages 562
Format Hardcover
Publishing Date 2011
Language English

Mr. Biyyathil Mohyuddin (B.M.) Kutty has been a political activist throughout his political life. He has written number of articles and has authored a book “Lenin and the Changing World- Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow. He has also edited the autobiography of Mir Ghaus Bakhsh Bizenjo. “Sixty Years in Self Exile: No Regrets” brings to limelight a number of events and episodes of Pakistan’s political history which has remained hidden from us until now. B.M. Kutty migrated to Pakistan soon after partition devoted himself for the promotion the values of democracy, social justice and peace in the country. He also worked with the radical political parties. He excelled himself in the drafting of manifestoes, constitutions and resolutions of various political parties and alliances. In the last few decades he has devoted a lot of time to the endeavor of peace, particularly in South Asia. The memoirs of Mr. B.M. Kutty will certainly be a useful addition to the political literature on Pakistan. This book covers the entire gamut of Pakistani politics, both geographically and historically. The book is further enriched by the flavor of Kutty’s numerous foreign travels which were all political in character.

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