• The Songs of Other Times

Book Details
ISBN 978-969-9739-65-1
No. of Pages 200
Format Paperback
Publishing Date 2013
Language English

"The Songs of Other Times" is third and newest book of gifted and prolific poet, Dr. Sadiqullah Khan. He once commented, “Writing poetry is not easy.” But, the eloquence and flow of his poems would seem to belie that pronouncement. While reading one experiences a seemingly effortlessly created literary work that is beautifully crafted - from the heart of no one else but this poet. Another golden truth from Dr. Sadiqullah Khan: “Poetry is to be experienced, not necessarily explained.” And what experiences await you, as you discover and decipher - and live - the layers upon meanings of every word in "The Songs of Other Times". In his own words, a poet should be representing his time in a timeless manner. There may be different times, but the spirit remains the same. "The Songs of Other Times", against a backdrop of changing times, sounds more poetic to me than carrying any innate meaning. The poems in this work touch a vast panorama of landscape, spoken from heart, and as manifested in the consciousness.

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