• Lahore As It Was

Book Details
ISBN 978-969-652-161-7
No. of Pages 160
Format Hardbound
Publishing Date 2020
Language English

Originally written as a handbook meant for official circulation by J L Kipling, Principal of the Mayo School, and T H Thornton, a member of the British administration, mainly for British officers and tourists, Handbook of Lahore, as the first edition was called, served as a rough guide to the city.

Written in a discursive style, it documents the historic buildings of this ancient city, its changing weather, vegetation, poetic tradition, arts and manufacturers, along with a thumbnail sketch of its history before the British advent in India.

The book provides an absorbing account of Lahore under the British, albeit not an academic one, and an opportunity to study the coloniser’s mind as he set about reorganizing the economic and social life of this ancient city.

"Lahore as it was" is published by Jumhoori Publications with collaboration of National College of Arts, Lahore.

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