• The Mirage of Power

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ISBN 978-969-652-062-7
No. of Pages 394
Format Hardcover
Publishing Date 2016
Language English

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, brilliant orator, astute politician and statesman, autocrat and a man of the people, is remembered as much for his death by execution as for his extraordinary life.

The six years, from 1971 to 1977, that Bhutto led Pakistan from a defeated and demoralized country to a proud, dynamic and rehabilitated nation, are recorded and assessed by one of his closest associates, Dr. Mubashir Hasan.

In this book, Dr. Mubashir Hasan presents an insider’s account of the Bhutto years. As a member and Secretary General of the Pakistan People’s Party, and Minister of Finance in Bhutto’s Cabinet, the author was a close observer of the power struggle that raged within the inner sanctums of the party.

For the very first time, he reveals details of the tragic shift of state power from the leadership of the people to the traditional military-bureaucratic Establishment. He also writes about the factors that contributed to Bhutto’s fall___ from an adored leader of the people to an isolated, lonely, and defeated man, executed by his own chosen military leader.


About the Author

Dr. Mubashir Hasan is a well-known figure in both academic and political circles in Pakistan. A Ph.D. in civil engineering, he served as an irrigation engineer and taught at the Engineering University at Lahore.

The author’s formal entry into politics took place in 1967 when he founding convention of the Pakistan Peoples’ Party was held at his residence. He was elected a member of the National Assembly of Pakistan in 1970 and served as Finance Minister in the late Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s Cabinet from 1971-1974. In 1975, he was elected Secretary General of the PPP. Following the promulgation of martial law in 1977, the author was jailed for his political beliefs.

Dr. Mubashir Hasan has written three books, numerous articles, and has spoken extensively on social, economic and political subjects. He is also a photographer of birds, and his book, “Birds of the Indus” has been published by Oxford University Press.

Presently, Dr. Mubashir Hasan is actively engaged in human rights causes, and the promotion of peace and disarmament in South Asia. He is a founder member of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan and the Pakistan-India Peoples’ Forum for Peace and Democracy, and is also President, Pakistan Peoples’ Party (Shaheed Bhutto) for the province of the Punjab.



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