• Other Days

Book Details
ISBN 978-969-652-191-4
No. of Pages 312
Format Paperback
Publishing Date 2021
Language English

OTHER DAYS , "A novel with a difference. Minimalist in approach, it is a playground for a subject seldom addressed in our part of the world. The novel pays special attention to the actual workings of social organization. With assured authenticity and delicate intimacy, characters are drawn to interact with shadows, which admit of much symbolic significance. Destinations are pursued with disastrous outcomes, yet compassion reigns and quiet dignity comes out unscathed." Amin Mughal
A chance meeting of two Pakistani immigrants living in the UK, on New Year's Eve of 2000, triggers the memories they had been trying to evade since they left Sheher in 1970s. Dreams. Kinship. Metanarratives. Sheher was calling them again.
Arshad Waheed's first novel "Gumaan" was published in 1995.He has also translated the works of Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Milan Kundera. He studied policy at London School of Economics. He lives in Islamabad.

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