• Indo-Pak People to People Contact

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ISBN 978-969-9739-66-8
No. of Pages 248
Format Paperback
Publishing Date 2013
Language English

The oft repeated but crucial fact that Indians and Pakistanis get along so famously when they meet outside South Asia, unfortunately they are not given similar opportunities to interact freely on their own home turf, is one of the reasons for authors to write this book. Interestingly, even during times of tension and acrimony between both countries, Pakistanis and Indians instantly strike a chord when they meet overseas. The writers have themselves experienced this during their visits to foreign lands, especially the UK, US and Dubai where citizens of both countries share cordial ties. Secondly, with the existing curriculum in both countries, it is very easy to foment hatred. Sustained people to people contact, interactions between individuals from both countries is one possible way of acting as a way of countering the false propaganda spread by numerous quarters. With the 24 hour electronic media’s coverage of Indo-Pak relations, and its sensationalisation of even non-issues at times, the only possible solution to blunt this is to ensure that there are sustained interactions between people from both sides. Finally, one of the major drawbacks of people to people interaction hitherto is restricted only a handful of people are fortunate enough to overcome the unimaginative visa regime. The book aims to explore how ordinary citizens can play a more meaningful role in bringing both countries closer. This book would attempt to make recommendations for facilitating greater interactions between individuals from different strata of society.

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