• Pakistan - A Complex State

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ISBN 978-969-652-072-6
No. of Pages 392
Format Hardbound
Publishing Date 2017
Language English

“Pakistan – A Complex State” is a follow up to Author’s previous works who is a PhD scholar. It is about Pakistan, which is facing three evils—terrorism, extremism, and separatism. Pakistani military is still a strong, a well disciplined organization, which is capable of holding the country together. In recent years, the military has been under tremendous pressure from both the foreign powers and from the Pakistani public to deal with these three evils. 

This book will help in understanding the Pakistani state, its domestic problems, its diversity, its intentions and motivations, its decision maker process, and its interests.  Pakistan’s perception, cultural diversity, religious and social makeup, as well as its geo-political environment, and political structure are very complicated. Most academic studies note that Pakistan’s military is the only institution holding the country together.

In this book the Author has addressed a few key issues which are of concern to the analysts and Pakistani watchers. These include Pakistan’s complex politics, delicate geo-political dilemma,  fragile ethnic balance, religious sensitivities, social and cultural dynamics, political structure, an aggressive media environment, class based educational setup, and complicated leadership composition.

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