• Memories of My Heart

Book Details
ISBN 978-969-652-202-7
No. of Pages 312
Format Hardcover
Publishing Date November 2022
Language English

Suzi Koray Hanson is a Mediterranean woman. She is a torch of struggle always burning. She is a staunch role-model personifying the saying, “what a woman can achieve if she wants to”.

At the time her book came into being, she was a life-partner, a wife.  Tears of joy she shed in enthusiasm for her book mixed with the bitter tears of grief for losing her life-partner.

Climbing the challenging ladders of life without getting stuck in the problems, she, as a solution-oriented person, walks along the path of life by solving those problems one by one.  Problems cannot withstand her.

This is her first book... Suzi Koray Hanson says:

"Dear readers, take Memories of My Heart, read it, and keep me in your heart. Keep me there and see that life is a gift presented to you. Appreciate it."

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