• The Indus Saga

Book Details
ISBN 978-969-652-085-6
No. of Pages 440
Format Paperback
Publishing Date 2017
Language English

Aitzaz Ahsan has come out with a new vision of the history of Pakistan – a vision that may be termed as the “Discovery of Pakistan”. Ahsan has come forward boldly on a theme which the Pakistan historians have so far hesitated to elaborate …… If we have created Pakistan …. there must be the history of the land of the people who have lived and laboured here. The future generations deserve to have a history of the country. Aitzaz Ahsan is a lawyer, which makes the breath of his historical, sociological and cultural research all the more impressive. He underlies his abiding theme: the vein of resistance in Pakistani culture exists in contradiction to the officially imposed or sanctioned ideologies. The Indus Saga questions and rejects many of the widely-accepted myths of subcontinental history; highlights the dichotomy between the Indus region and India; and shows the almost unbroken continuity of a distinct social and political order. It is bold, innovative, provocative and highly readable.

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