• Tragedy in Kashmir

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ISBN 978-969-652-162-4
No. of Pages 320
Format hardbound
Publishing Date 2020
Language English

Born in 1924 in present-day Indian-occupied Kashmir, Abdul Haq Suharwardy received his education in Srinagar, Aligarh and Lahore. In the undivided state of Jammu & Kashmir, he was considered to have had the most remarkable academic career; he received numerous merit scholarships and gold medals for his academic brilliance. In 1946, he competed and joined the Kashmir Civil Service.

Following the occupation of Kashmir by India, he migrated to Pakistan where he was a lecturer of Mathematics at Government College University in Lahore. However, he couldn’t resist the urge to be a part of Kashmir’s liberation struggle. After completing his training at the Civil Services Academy, he served in Azad Kashmir most of his career and later became the only Chief Secretary of Kashmiri origin.

After retiring from civil service, he practiced law for a living and frequently wrote articles for the Daily Muslim Islamabad and many other journals on a variety of subjects including Islam, international relations and politics. In 1995, his second book called ‘Islam for Modern Times’ was published, which received much acclaim. He passed away in Islamabad in 2006.

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